Roeper Lab

Understanding the diversity of dopamine neurons

Group Leader

Prof. Dr. med. Jochen Roeper

Director, Institute of Neurophysiology
Director, Center of Physiology

+49-(0)69-6301-84092 (Personal Assistant’s line)

What we do

Scientific Focus

The group focusses on the physiology and pathophysiology of the dopaminergic midbrain system, which is involved in key brain functions like voluntary movement, motivation and cogition. The dopaminergic system is involved in major brain disorders like Parkinson diseases, Schizophrenia or ADHD.

We study the mechanisms and chronic plasticity of ion channels and electrical activity generated by different subtypes of dopaminergic midbrain neurons and their role of function and dysfunction in the brain.


We mainly use in vitro and in vivo patch-clamp and microelectrode recordings in mouse brain combined with neuroanatomical tracing, stereology, immunohistochemistry and transgenic as well as neurotoxicological models.


Anastasia Diamantopoulou

Post-doctoral researcher

Pascal Vogel

Post-doctoral researcher

Solmaz Bikas

Johannes Boehm
cand. med.

Richard Egger
cand. med.

Niklas Hammer
cand. med.

Sebastian Hartmann
cand. med.

Marle Jahnke
cand. med.

Lora Kovacheva

MD/PhD program

Yingning Lu
cand. med.

Johanna Mankel
cand. med.

Nick Schaar
cand. med.

Daniela Schenkel
cand. med.

Strahinja Stojanovic
cand. med.

Tabea Ziouziou
cand. med.

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